The Power to Prove

We arm sales, marketing and IT leaders with the evidence to quantify and communicate the business value of their solution to their customers by:

  • Assessing business needs
  • Justifying technology spend
  • Communicating to the business buyer

We help the most admired companies in the world bring their value proposition to life. Hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies with more than $2 billion in technology projects have trusted Mainstay to bring clarity to complex technology initiatives.

Mainstay brings experienced people, the right tools, a refined set of processes and benchmark data to deliver The Power to Prove.

Are your solutions and services delivering the value you promise?

Value Communication and Realization

Prove why you’re the best with fact-rich business cases, testimonials, and multimedia marketing campaigns

Supercharge sales with our powerful, cloud-based Advisor Platform and business case development services

Our fact-driven customer evidence programs and solution marketing playbooks help your sales teams close deals faster.