Our fact-driven customer evidence programs and solution marketing playbooks help your sales teams close deals faster

Supercharge sales with our powerful, cloud-based Advisor Platform and business case development services

Prove why you’re the best with fact-rich business cases, testimonials, and multimedia marketing campaigns


Value Messaging, Engineered for Your Success

Making Customer Value Part of Your DNA

Mainstay’s singular focus on Value Messaging means you create content your customers actually care about, and you engage them in business value conversations that really matter.

From Marketing to Sales to Retention

With our Value Messaging Solutions, you engage customers with a single voice to:

  • Build awareness and leads
  • Empower sales teams
  • Maximize customer loyalty

Complete Value Messaging Solutions

Engaging our consultants and using our powerful, open cloud platform, you deliver compelling, business-relevant content tailored to your customer’s buying cycle – and build on this platform over time to maximize reach and results.

Mainstay helped a leading technology company drive $80 million in sales over three years
at an investment of less than $1.5 million.

How Business Leaders Manage through Turbulent Times Mainstay New Book Launch:

Ruthless Execution 2
Second Edition
How Business Leaders Manage through Turbulent Times