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  • Communicating Customer Success
    Across the Marketplace

    Independent quantification of IT solution value increases a customer’s “willingness to buy” by 64%
  • Accelerating our Customers’
    Ability to Close Deals

    Businesses can accelerate sales cycles 30-40% by providing credible ROI evidence to prospective customers
  • Position IT as a Strategic
    Asset for the Business

    Quantifying and communicating business impact is the No. 1 way to make IT matter
    Information Technology
  • We Help Our Clients Quantify & Communicate the Business Value of their Solutions

  • Testimonials

    • “Thanks for your support and presentation today, it went down incredibly well and should give a great platform on which to move forward.

      Your professionalism and credibility are testament to what Mainstay can deliver and will be front of mind for us in promoting you to other clients.”

      – Account Executive – Technology Fortune 100 Company
    • “Quantifying and communicating business impact is the No. 1 way to make IT matter.“

      – Patty Morrison, EVP and CIO, Cardinal Health, and member, Mainstay Advisory Board
    • “Mainstay is our premier partner in providing fact-based proof points on the value Oracle solutions deliver to our customers.”

      – Jeb Dasteel, SVP and Chief Customer Officer, Oracle
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