• Empower all of your sellers to deliver the right message at the right time for the right audience

    • Sales teams are often challenged to create compelling business cases to help prioritize and prove the return on investment to their customers. Our team works with leading sales organizations to build the tools and services that meet the needs of the Enterprise buyer while training the account teams to succeed.

    • Lead Generation Tools

      Provide a platform that incents customers to engage more deeply with sales to collaboratively explore the value of your solutions.

    • Advisor Sales Enablement Cloud

      Quickly and credibly communicate the business value of your solutions at scale with interactive selling tools that project the customer-specific value of your solutions and one-stop access to evidence-based marketing assets to back up your claims.

    • ValuePath Business Casing Services

      Take a deep dive into your value proposition for critical opportunities with a consultant-led value analysis.

    • Advisor Platform

      Advisor is a database-driven, enterprise-ready platform for hosting interactive marketing and sales-enablement tools and assets. Advisor integrates with industry-leading marketing automation and CRM applications like Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot, and Salesforce to scale business value quantification and communication capabilities to your entire sales organization.

  • Mainstay Customers


    • Proven Revenue Results

      Advisor is a flexible platform for business case automation tools that help salespeople accelerate customers’ buying cycle and reduce pressure on margins. Plus, you can track & measure the success of your sales enablement efforts with real-time user adoption and customer demographics reporting.

    • Increased Sales Funnel Activity

      Advisor changes the nature of your relationship with your customers by creating an engagement model that positions your sales teams in a customer advisory/consultative role. And because it’s database driven, every time one of your sellers or partners uses a tool, you add to an ever-growing knowledge asset about your market.

    • Empowered Sales Teams

      Advisor scales your messaging to large teams and partners. Secure, centralized model gives sales people a single channel for all of their messaging tools - white papers, case studies, playbooks, ROI/TCO calculators, Maturity analyses, and other assets. Out-of-the box integration with adjacent services like CRM, marketing automation, and SSO means Advisor fits seamlessly into your sales motion

  • Asset Examples

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