Sales Advisor Platform

At the heart of Mainstay’s approach to value messaging is the idea that you must engage buyers in more meaningful conversations about the value of your solutions in the context of their business. The Advisor Sales Platform provides a means to operationalize your value selling strategy and scale this approach to your entire salesforce.

Win more, close faster, and protect margin

Buyers are more likely to invest when they understand the value they will get in return. Advisor business case tools help salespeople quickly articulate the most relevant value proposition for a specific buyer, demonstrating value and reducing dependence on discounting to close deals. 

Scale effective value messaging capabilities to your entire sales force, including channel partners

Specialist overlays and consultants are great resources, but they don’t scale. Advisor helps companies take the expertise of a few and scale it across their sales force, elevating more sellers to the top tier.

Increase cross sell, upsell opportunities

An objective, quantifiable value selling strategy positions your salespeople as trusted advisors to your customers. In turn, this creates opportunities to sell additional products, services and solutions that you may not have otherwise uncovered.

Increase Sales Productivity

Advisor automates the process of creating compelling, on-brand, on-message business value presentations to your customers and scales the expertise of your top sales specialists to all your salespeople. The reduction in sales cycle time means you can increase sales with the salesforce you have now.

Engage more deeply with prospective buyers

Think of value messaging like a first date: you don’t want the conversation to be all about you. Advisor tools help prospective buyers understand the value of your solutions in the specific context of their business. 

Deeper Engagement


Realize full potential of opportunities


Build trust/strong relationship to increase Customer Lifetime Value


Frame customers’ challenges in the context of your solution

Deal Acceleration


Arm sales with financial business case


Protect margin with value-based justification


Automate production of messaging assets – sales focus on customer

Market Intelligence


Analyze every customer data point


Use data to generate benchmarks


Gain more insight into impact of value messaging

Scalable Process


Elevate more sellers to top tier


Protect margin with value-based justificationSupport channel partner selling


Gain insight on sales/ partner adoption

Advisor Platform Capabilities

Seamless Integration with Leading CRM Cloud Applications

Cloud Application Ensures Rapid Deployment

Preconfigured for Partner Access & Security

Universal Access from any browser / devices

One Click Value Report PPT/Excel/PDF Deliverables

Data and usage analytics