move your customer value conversations to the cloud

With Mainstay’s end-to-end Advisor™ cloud solution which augments the sales funnel, accelerates sales growth, and lowers customer churn

buyers won’t invest in technology without a clear understanding of the business impact it will have on their organization

Mainstay’s Advisor Value Platform™ delivers an integrated set of marketing, sales, and customer success value tools that enables you to quantify and communicate the business value of your offering throughout the customer lifecycle.

Advisor™ solution areas

Marketing Value Advisor™

ROI & assessment tool platform that allows for custom brand UI design, integrates with your marketing automation platforms, and delivers a compelling self-serve value conversation for your prospects

Sales Value Advisor™

With over a decade of innovation, Sales Value Advisor™ moves value engineering programs to the cloud, simplifying the complexities of value selling to global sales and channel partner sales teams

Customer Success Value Advisor™

Automating and scaling the ability of customer success teams to deliver value realization-focused QBRs

client success to date

Mainstay’s Advisor Value Platform has delivered meaningful results for our clients.





lead generation

Marketing Value Advisor™ allows you to quickly launch interactive calculators that build pipeline website engagement

  • Capture high-quality leads directly into your marketing automation system
  • Simplified deployment of ROI/TCO tools that fully integrate into your marketing automation processes
  • Arm sales with prospect intelligence prior to first contact

accelerate sales

Sales Value Advisor™ helps your sales team quantify and communicate the value of your offering to fast track revenue

  • Grow deal size by creating customer-specific quantification of business impact
  • Reduce sales cycles by arming your customer champions with value justification
  • Scale transformation by elevating your sellers with automated tools assets, and process

reduce churn

Customer Success Value Advisor™ help you measure and communicate realized value to increase satisfaction and retention

  • Increase adoption by helping your customers message solution benefits

  • Ensure renewals through quantification of actual value

  • Build intelligence with actual data on delivered value


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