Banking and Insurance


From banks to insurers, leading financial services companies are building a competitive edge with strategic technology investments that drive efficiencies and transform the customer experience. 



Like never before, technology is playing a central role in the success of financial services companies. No longer confined to back office accounting systems, IT solutions have become strategic enablers of growth and profitability, empowering sales and marketing programs and delighting customers with new services and experiences. 

Value Messaging for the Banking and Insurance Industry

Competition among financial services industry is as fierce as ever. Customers are more informed and demanding. Go-to-market timelines for products are shrinking from months to weeks. Delivery channels are getting more complex, spanning mobile, social and the cloud. 

All of this is forcing financial companies to modernize their business models along with the technology infrastructure that drives them.

Mainstay specializes in empowering financial services companies with the hard data, industry knowledge, and communications expertise needed to build transformative solutions that drive results. 

Use our expert services to:

  • Build solutions that attract and retain customers in a cloud-driven economy
  • Rationalize investments in new technologies from a business perspective 
  • Communicate IT initiatives to C-suite decision-makers
  • Drive demand for your technology offerings

Mainstay helps you develop compelling stories that showcase the value you provide to customers. We do the research to put hard numbers behind your value proposition. Then we take these proof points and fine-tune your messages to communicate the benefits to customers and partners across the industry. 
We can help you create easy-to-use, client-branded calculators and micro tools that prove the value of your banking and insurance solution and the benefit to your customers—all in a matter of minutes.

Our researchers dig deep into your organization to uncover information gaps, align strategies, and provide clear management direction—all based on objective analysis. From thought-leading white papers to executive consulting engagements, Mainstay can help you develop programs and project portfolios that address the most pressing issues you’re facing in the banking and insurance industry.


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