• Competing for Customers

    By Jeb Dasteel the Senior Vice President at Oracle, and Amir Hartman and Craig LeGrande, Founders of Mainstay.

    Book forward written by Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle. 

    Embed customer success in your 
    organizational DNA, in 3 steps.  

    Listen: Truly understand what it means for 
    your customers to succeed with your offerings.  

    Engage: Start a productive dialogue, 
    collaborate to solve problems, and promote 
    awareness of your value. 

    Ensure: Innovate to deliver on your promises, 
    prove it to the customer, and build retention.  


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  • Ruthless Execution II

    By Amir Hartman and Craig LeGrande

    Ruthless Execution II is a fresh take on the convergence of business and technology issues explored in the first edition of Amir Hartman’s path-breaking book. In this update, Mainstay managing partners Hartman and Craig LeGrande tackle the rise of social media and the Internet of Things, the game-changing potential of cloud-enabled businesses, and the increasing focus enterprises are placing on the new discipline of customer success management.

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  • Ruthless Execution

    Amir Hartman, Mainstay co-founder and managing director

    In Ruthless Execution Amir Hartman identifies the central ingredients that help certain business leaders break through the wall and thrive.Ruthless Execution shows how to instill these ingredients in your organization. “Today’s business leaders need a radically different skill from their recent predecessors,” Hartman says. “They must know how to know how to manage through adversity while preparing their companies for a new rebirth of success.”

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  • The Search for Digital Excellence

    By Amir Hartman

    Amir Hartman’s first book takes on the nuts and bolts of electronic commerce—how it can be used to attract and keep customers and how it can benefit the company that uses it. A key point of the book is one that should not come as a shock to anyone who understands any form of business, but that many—if not most—Web practitioners tend to forget: e-commerce success—let alone excellence—is not a matter of technology. It’s a matter of building worthwhile relationships within the company and between the company and its customers.

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  • Net Ready

    By Amir Hartman

    Amir Hartman’s best selling book on managing in the new economy shows that Internet business opportunities are endless — but the realities are harsh. Says Roderick C. McGeary, vice chairman, KPMG Consulting Services: “Net Ready offers valuable advice…a must read for any company.”

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