CIO Panel


      Despite the dominant role of technology in the modern enterprise, IT's value proposition remains stubbornly misunderstood. It seems like CIOs are constantly fighting an uphill battle to get the respect they deserve.

      Mainstay works with both the IT organization as well as IT vendors to help them quantify and communicate the value of IT, helping them become strategic enablers of the enterprise. Mainstay’s annual CIO events bring together thought leaders who have helped shape our thinking in the area of IT value realization.

      Food For Thought

      In our most recent dinner event in Palo Alto (click here for newsletter), Mainstay brought together CIOs from some of the Bay Area’s most admired tech companies, including Pure Storage, Splunk, AppDynamics. Okta and DocuSign and Opportun.

      We explored why it’s hard for the board and the business to see IT as a strategic enabler, and proposed some ways to get in sync with the business. Here’s a few of our ideas:

      • Run IT like a business. That means measuring the ROI of all your major projects. Your business colleagues will take you more seriously and you'll burnish your "IT brand."
      • Close the loop. Do a business case before the project, then don't forget to report value after you're done. And use a language the business can relate to.
      • Communicate often. Once a year is not enough. CIOs need to create a regular cadence of communications.
      • Mix it up. Stoke interest by trying different types of communication formats, including blogs, info-graphics, videos and more. Combine facts with personal stories.
      • Be Honest. Build trust with business peers by calling it like it is. If a project is under performing, say so.

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