Government & Education



In a time of tightening budgets, governments and educational institutions are looking for new ways to do more with less. New technologies are driving unprecedented improvements in efficiency and innovation, empowering organization to meet the highest expectations of citizens and students alike.


By harnessing next-generation technology, organizations are transforming public services and revolutionizing education.


Value Messaging for Government and Education

Public sector organizations today face daunting challenges:

  • Managing shrinking budgets in the face of growing service demand
  • Meeting the rising expectations of a new, tech-smart generation of students
  • Protecting critical information and infrastructure against evolving cyber threats

IT executives in government and education say the lack of funding is their top concern, crimping necessary investments in technology and innovation. Ironically, strategic technology investments are needed more than ever to solve these organizations’ most pressing challenges. That’s why it’s essential for these organizations to clearly communicate the full value that IT can deliver.

And that’s where Mainstay comes in, helping public sector organizations understand the tangible benefits technology can bring, including:

  • Scaling limited resources to tackle growing workloads
  • Keeping pace with an increasingly online, mobile, and social economy
  • Empowering students to thrive in a tech-centric world

With more than a decade of work with public sector and educational clients, Mainstay specializes in quantifying and communicating the value of technology investments. Our services include:

Mainstay bridges the gap between your organization’s financial budget and your broader strategy by:

  • Aligning your budget cycle and organizational strategy
    • Create specific business tactics and resource allocation plans (what we call a “Strategy on a Page”)
  • Developing a long range plan in tandem with the budget cycle
    • Make sure your annual budget is a subset of your long range (3-5 year) business plan
  • Regularly revisiting your strategic plan
    • Review your plans and strategy periodically to course-correct and re-align priorities to accomplish your business objectives

Mainstay helps you uncover information gaps, align strategies, and provide clear management direction—all based on objective analysis and input from all levels of your organization.

Our thought-leadership white papers and executive workshops help you achieve consensus and identify action items to execute your strategic plan. We help you develop specific programs and project portfolios that address the most pressing issues your organization is facing.

Compelling stories are key to showcasing the value you provide to your citizens, students, and other stakeholders. Mainstay helps you put hard numbers behind your strategic programs and then communicates the value you’re delivering across a full range of channels and media formats, including video, infographics, e-books, websites, and more.

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