Today, technology affects every single aspect of modern society.

But nowhere is this immense impact more apparent than in the field of medicine and healthcare.




Healthcare providers must create new approaches to reduce costs, along with innovative and more efficient ways to deliver services.


Value Messaging for the Healthcare Industry

For more than a decade, Mainstay has been helping healthcare organizations understand, quantify, and communicate the effectiveness of their technology solutions. Whether the goal of your project is to streamline processes, increase the productivity of clinical staff, or help administrators comply with changing laws and regulations, all solutions drive towards a single goal—improving patient care and medical outcomes.

Whether your organization is a clinical provider, payer, research facility, or technology vendor with a healthcare offering, Mainstay can help you measure and showcase your true value.

We can help you create easy-to-use, client-branded calculators and micro tools that prove the value of your healthcare solution and the benefit to your customers—all in a matter of minutes.


Our researchers dig deep into your organization to uncover information gaps, align strategies, and provide clear management direction—all based on objective analysis. From thought-leading white papers to executive consulting engagements, Mainstay can help you develop programs and project portfolios that address the most pressing issues you’re facing in the healthcare industry.


Mainstay helps you develop compelling stories that showcase the value you provide to customers. We do the research to put hard numbers behind your value proposition. Then we take these proof points and fine-tune your messages to communicate the benefits to customers and partners across the industry.
“With the help of Cisco technology, the average consultation time per patient was reduced from 5 hours to about 10 to 35 minutes per consultation. This had an immense impact on patient care and staff utilization.”


Finding based on Mainstay Research – Paris Public Hospital Group


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