• High Technology

    • Everything is changing about high tech. Monolithic on-premises solutions are being swept aside by agile cloud apps running thousands of miles away. Escalating cyberattacks are changing how tech products are made and deployed. And technologies that were once futuristic – from AI to 3D printing – have become part of everyday reality.   

      In an industry where continuous disruption is the norm, high technology companies face both unprecedented opportunities and enormous risk. To successfully navigate the changing market landscape, you’ll need new marketing strategies, new messaging, and new media.

      Value Messaging for the High Tech Industry 

      High tech companies are selling to a new generation of buyers. More than ever, business leaders are driving IT investment decisions. The most successful B2B suppliers will need to translate the technical details of their solutions into business outcomes that make a difference to the new high-tech customer.

      Strategy and Thought Leadership

      Mainstay specializes in market strategy and research that helps you find the best path to growth and profitability. From thought-leadership white papers to executive consulting, Mainstay helps high-tech companies lay the groundwork for successful new-product introductions, optimal market positioning, and rejuvenated sales.

      Case Studies and Value Messaging 

      Buyers of high-tech solutions gravitate to vendors that have successful track records serving companies and markets like their own. Mainstay helps you create powerful stories – backed by hard numbers – that showcase the value you’re providing to customers. Then we magnify the impact by leveraging social media and other channels to reach customers and influencers worldwide.

      TCO and Benefit Calculators

      Mainstay can help you create easy-to-use calculators and other tools that prove the business value of your solution. These cloud-based tools are customized to your brand, accessible on any device, and specifically designed to spark conversations and jump start sales cycles.

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