Companies in every industry rely on Mainstay to quantify and comunicate the value of their IT investments. Find out how Mainstay can help you become a leader in your industry.

Telecommunications and ICT

From smartphones and wearables to next-gen intelligent networks, the spread of advanced communications technologies is swiftly transforming the global economic and cultural landscape.

Mainstay helps telecoms and ICT enterprises achieve great business outcomes with creative sales and marketing strategies and assets.


In the face of mounting competitive threats and new regulations, healthcare companies are under pressure to reduce costs while finding innovative ways to enhance patient care.

Mainstay works with the world's top healthcare companies to understand and communicate how technology solutions can increase competitiveness and support breakthroughs in productivity and clinical outcomes.


Information technology plays an increasingly important role in retail, helping companies harness data to transform the customer experience and drive greater revenue.

Mainstay helps retailers understand how strategic IT investments can drive transformational change and boost their competitive edge.


Manufacturers are accelerating their use of technology solutions to boost plant efficiency, gain scale, and innovate more rapidly.

Mainstay helps manufacturers comprehend all facets of a technology solution, including potential financial, operational, and strategic benefits, helping build a clear business case for any investment.

Government and Education

By harnessing next-generation technology, organizations are reinventing how government delivers essential services while transforming educational institutions.

Mainstay helps governments and educational instituations evaluate technologies and chart a smart path to transformation.

Banking and Insurance

Leading financial services institutions are building a competitive edge with strategic technology investments that drive efficiencies, speed time-to-market, and transform the customer experience with new mobile, social and cloudl solutions.

Mainstay empowers financial services companies with the business-value research and communications expertise to support transformative technology solutions that drive results.