Quantify and communicate your value proposition in a language customers care about


Value-Based Training

Today, technology customers scrutinize every IT purchase decision with an eye for getting business outcomes that matter to their business.

This means if you can’t communicate the tangible business value you’re delivering, chances are you’re losing sales.

Mainstay helps your sales teams and channel partners understand the business value of your solutions, so they can prove it to your customers – and drive more sales.

Get the Skills You Need

Mainstay’s Value-Based Training provides content development, learning and in-field services to help your sales teams, partners and customers communicate the business value and full potential of your products and services.

From workshops and webinars to staff certification programs and customized coursework, Mainstay leverages its deep industry experience and ROI expertise to boost team competency and confidence and supercharge your sales efforts.

Mainstay ValuePath™ Training Services

Overview of our value-based training services


What learning services do we provide?

  • We train sales teams to quantify and communicate the value of technology solutions
  • We support training with compelling business value content and tools
  • We integrate it with in-field work, creating real world learning

What outcomes do we influence?

  • More deals closed by your sales teams
  • Differentiate your company and solutions based on business value
  • A culture of customer success and customer loyalty, leading to greater lifetime value

Training Delivery Options

We offer a choice of in-class and on-demand delivery methods designed to fit the needs of your business and workforce.

  • In-Class: Live, in-person classroom sessions, including both customized and “out-of-the-box” classes for 5 to 30 people
  • On-Demand: Virtual training, including live and on-demand video, Webcasts, WebEx, podcasts, flash, and multimedia presentations
  • Value Hotline™: On-call support for your ongoing needs for business case validation, ROI presentations, and C-level messaging


Sample Courses

Mainstay specializes in helping IT leaders and their partners understand the full value — and sales potential — of their technology solutions. Some of our recent custom-developed courses include:

  • Communicating to the C-Suite
  • Understanding the Business Value of IT
  • IT Finance for Non-Finance Leaders
  • Defining the Value Proposition


Mainstay’s value-based training programs are informed by case studies, calculators and interactive assessment tools used by thousands of people at some of the world’s most admired – and profitable – technology companies.











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