Social media touches more people, takes your brand to more places, and ignites demand with a power that conventional marketing can’t match.

Stand out in the marketplace with business value messaging that cuts through the noise and speaks directly to your customers.


Mainstay extends your social marketing campaign reach by delivering clear and compelling business value messaging.


Take Your Marketing Further

Mainstay is a leader in business value messaging, helping clients drive sales with compelling, value-based communications that cut through the noise of marketing hype.

Whether it’s case studies, success stories, or thought-leadership pieces, we put your business value front and center, and articulate it in a fact-based language your customers understand.


Social Media for B2B

Mainstay helps B2B companies create value messaging from traditional marketing assets that can be integrated with modern social media and multimedia programs. Remarkably cost-effective, our turnkey value content for social media campaigns keeps your message in front of customers and industry influencers.

  • Engage your target market with a steady cadence of social media content
  • Expand awareness of your brand and business value
  • Maximize impact by aligning your content with metric rich value points
  • Save by reusing existing marketing assets