IT Value Communications Office

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      Mainstay’s Strategic Communications for IT Program is a monthly managed service that helps with:

      • Thorough and timely articulation of IT successes
      • Communication of IT success stories in a business-friendly language
      • Quantification of business value, ROI / TCO of IT projects
      • IT recognition, value realization and Business-IT alignment
      • Adoption of IT initiatives

      Did you know that business value realization is among the top 10 priorities for today’s CIO? IDC recently surveyed CIOs on their top 10 priorities. Is it the cloud, or big data, or social media?

      Social media is #5 on the IDC list; Big data is #7 on the IDC list and mobility, #6. For most CIOs, though, the #1 concern is the value that IT delivers to, and alignment with, the business, which is #2 on the IDC list.

      How do our services work?

      • Our team of experienced consultants can help you report evidence of value from your IT initiatives.
      • We’ll develop value frameworks and IT use cases for you. We have over 15 years of experience developing economic value framework and use cases for hundreds of IT products and services.
      • Our world-class design team will translate the findings into impactful, creative content assets.
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