Multi-Media Tools

Attracting and engaging customer to support building your lead engine

Grab Attention with Dynamic Visuals

Extend your reach using powerful and flexible multimedia tools

Make Your Mark with Value Metrics

Drive your messages home with high-impact value presentations

Acquire More Customers with Concrete Proof of Value

Deploy Web calculators to put hard numbers behind your value prop

Educate and Inspire in Immersive Environments

Design engaging solution microsites that customers love to visit

Customer Video Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a powerful way to attract customers and close deals, consistently ranking the highest in effectiveness among content marketing strategies.

Leverage our expert scripting, coaching, and video techniques to bring out the true voice of your customer.

Infographics & eBook

Easy to grasp and packed with useful detail, infographics are exploding in popularity among marketers and customers alike. Consider: In just the past two years, Google searches for infographics has increased by an incredible 800%.

We can help you produce infographics and eBooks that turn heads and communicate the business value of your solution at a glance. It’s the perfect vehicle for time-pressed buyers.


Videographics are now an indispensable tool of the modern marketer. And for good reason: They bring your products and services to life.

Launchable from websites, emails or mobile devices, videographics make an indelible impression on your audience. Best of all, it exposes your message on YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

Web ValueTools™

Mainstay Web ValueTools help you define and quantify your business value proposition for the executive buyer in clear, compelling terms.

Tailored to your unique business, our Web ValueTools include ROI and TCO calculators that capture the unique value drivers behind your products.


The Internet is a crowded and noisy place. Make your value messaging stand out by creating a dynamic microsite that captures your customer’s attention and keeps it focused on your products, services, and brand.

Mainstay specializes in designing Web microsites that integrate smoothly with your existing sales and marketing solutions. Consider one for your next solution launch.

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