Research Whitepapers

Great marketing is built on great research

Prove the value of your solution

Leverage independent research to quantify the value you deliver to customers

Research once. Leverage often.

Create a smart content roadmap that delivers results

Solution Impact White Papers

Modern B2B decision-makers want proof not pitches. That why more IT buyers prefer independently researched white papers to help them decide on a major purchase. (In fact, a recent survey showed that 72% of IT professionals found white papers “useful to extremely useful” to their decision-making process.)

Rely on Mainstay to produce high-impact white papers that prove your value and drive sales.

Industry Thought Leadership

As new technologies continue to disrupt the economic landscape, businesses are looking for fresh strategies to capitalize on the shifting challenges and opportunities.

Our research provides you with the insights and thought leadership you need to ride the next wave of demand in your industry.

Competitive Research

Traditional competitive research typically involves a technical comparison of product features and functions. But is that what B2B buyers really care about?

Mainstay takes a different approach. We start by determining how your customers actually measure business value and then evaluate the competition against that critical standard. Our clients – and their customers – appreciate the difference.

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