In the next 5 years, retail will change more than it has in the previous 50. Why?

Because customer expectations of what a retail experience should be are changing rapidly and retailers will have to adapt accordingly.




Information Technology in the retail sector plays an increasingly important role in managing the customer experience.


Value Messaging for the Retail Industry

Mainstay offers a wealth of expertise in the retail industry. Our management team includes the former IT finance controller for a Fortune 100 retailer, where he saw first-hand how strategic IT investments can facilitate transformational change and keep retailers at the head of the pack.

Technology can enable retailers to:

  • Quickly respond to evolving market conditions

    — to offer special promotions, target key customer segments, or deliver that hot new product just in time for the holidays.

  • Collect and analyze customer data

    — to uncover points of differentiation, understand customer segments, and manage preferences to keep customers loyal.

  • Maintain inventory at optimal levels

    — to improve processes, preserve and protect margins, and ensure that buyers can get what they want at all times.

Mainstay offers many services to help retailers determine the value of their technology investment. In addition, we can help you build a clear business case to validate strategic IT decisions for your stakeholders.


Our consultants work closely with your team to develop a cost-benefit analysis of a proposed IT project. We host in-depth discovery sessions with your key stakeholders and business experts to collect relevant information, and then deliver a compelling business case to recommend IT initiatives that align with your company goals. Our services can include optimization plans, ROI projections, and analysis of “what-if” scenarios.


New methods of retail transactions, via mobile apps and social media, as well as subscription-based purchasing like streaming, have turned retail upside down. Our consultants can help you develop compelling stories to quantify the value of an IT solution so you can continue to get budget dollars for additional innovative projects.


If you are an IT vendor with retail as a target industry, we can develop calculator tools that compute the value of your solution in minutes—and help you win more industry clients. Access your TCO and ROI tools from anywhere through our cloud-based Mainstay Advisor platform, or create self-service calculators that your prospects can access anytime.


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