Retention Marketing

Your value messaging needs to address all your customer lifecycle states

Reducing churn

Providing customers with business value metrics

Becoming a trusted advisor

Arming PR with the content to land your company in key publications

Presenting through leadership

Customer success value messaging

Driving customer success

A customer for life


As we know, playbook comes from a sporting term, meaning various strategies for the team that, when employed successfully, would result in a win. According to Aberdeen, best in class companies are almost twice as likely to have sales and marketing playbooks vis-à-vis laggards.

Often times playbooks tends to be collateral and content that are scattered over the real and virtual world. Being scattered, it honestly defeats the purpose of a true playbook. A playbook that includes customer value proof points and testimonials and that is neatly organized for easy access by sales, inside sales, and partners can improve your sales effectiveness.

Let Mainstay help you with the essential components of your Sales Playbook including:


Buyer Personas






Sales scripts and things to expect


Competitive analysis


ROI calculators


Customer videos


Case studies

Event Marketing

Conferences and events are great places to learn from industry thought-leaders, strengthen professional networks, and have a little fun. Chances are your customers are there — and you need to be there too.

We’re specialists in designing value-based, multimedia presentations that help you turn industry events into a powerful venue for attracting customers, spreading your value proposition, and building a reputation for thought leadership.

Battle Cards

Call them competitive battle cards, beat sheets, or silver bullets – these convenient and concise selling guides can give you a key edge in competitive sales situations. Battle cards are a summary of all you’ve learned about the competitor’s product along with tactics and messaging that can help you with the deal. For new sales reps, battle cards are a great way to get them up to speed

We leverage proof points, graphics, and even videos to design easy-to-use battle cards that arm your teams with a potent competitive weapon.

Infographics & eBookPersona Design & Social Media Value Messaging

Every B2B prospect is different. Depending on the industry, buying companies will have different needs and priorities. And depending on their role in the organization – individual buyers and influencers will have different opinions about what’s important. IT managers and business executives view your solution through different lenses.  

That’s why we specialize in helping clients understand and design in-depth profiles of the “personas” they’ll need to appeal to in order to win deals and lock in loyalty.