Sales Advisor Cloud & Business Case Services

Selling in the Age of the Customer requires new content, tools and skills.

Our value selling approach addresses the needs of today’s business buyer and can accelerate sales cycles by 30-40%.


Inside the Advisor Platform

Mainstay Value Messaging solutions ignite revenue by equipping your sales force and channels with the right tools, content and skills to engage customers and close deals faster and more effectively than ever before.

Advisor is a enterprise-ready cloud platform that improves sales productivity and seamlessly integrating with your other CRM and sales enablement assets.

scalable and cloud-based

Mainstay Advisor™ is a scalable, cloud-based, service delivery platform that empowers enterprise sales teams with interactive financial justification tools, data analytics, reporting, and the latest in collaboration and presentation capabilities.
  • Mobile ready – tablet, laptop any device, any platform to allow reps to engage with customers any where, anytime
  • Secure – SSO compliant to allow highest level of security for tools and data
  • Integrated – proven integration capabilities with existing sales and marketing platforms

fact based marketing tools

Our team of business-case professionals works with you to integrate ROI and TCO analyses into a platform that will appeal to the most skeptical business decision-maker.


fact based marketing tools

Today, technology leaders like Cisco and EMC sell their most complex solutions using our Advisor platform. The platform is scalable, customizable, and easily integrated with leading CRM solutions, including Salesforce, so you can track the impact of your value-analysis tools on sales performance.


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Mainstay ValuePath™ Business Case

Business case services provide the independent and in-depth quantified ROI results that your CFO customers are demanding.

Delivering this level of business impact evidence can lead to tremendous results, for a large high tech client, our ValuePath service has resulted in $85 sales bookings to each $ invested with over $440M total bookings to date.

fact based marketing tools

Led by experienced business value consultants, ValuePath™ produces business cases and ROI analyses based on specific industry, product and customer scenarios.

fact based marketing tools

The result of every engagement is an objective and credible business value assessment that companies can use to justify their technology investments.

ValuePath Business Case engagements

ValuePath™ Business Case engagements can shorten the sales cycle and expand your role as a trusted advisor. And you can leverage the results to create a broad range of fact-based sales and marketing assets.


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