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    What makes Mainstay different? Our customers say it's our independence, our broad industry experience, and our unwavering focus on business value and results.

    Mainstay is distinguished by a diverse team of leaders, consultants and researchers – all of us sharing a common purpose: delivering measurable business values for our clients.
  • Our Values

    • Experience Counts

      We staff our engagements with skilled, time-tested professionals, including senior IT executives, consultants and auditors.

    • Facts First

      Our work is trusted because it's based on facts, not opinion—as evidenced by the 2,500 business metrics we've compiled from more than 300 technology assessments.

    • Results Delivered

      Our work isn't finished until we deliver results that satisfy our customers.

    • Vendor Independence

      We are 100% independent and vendor-neutral, so you can trust the objectivity of our research and insights.

    • Focus On Value

      We believe that every technology investment should add value to the business, so we specialize in measuring and communicating that value.

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