Mainstay Team

What makes Mainstay different?

Our customers say it’s our independence, our broad industry experience, and our unwavering focus on business value and results.

Experience Counts

We staff our engagements with skilled, time-tested professionals, including senior IT executives, consultants and auditors.

Facts First

Our work is trusted because it’s based on facts, not opinion—as evidenced by the 2,500 business metrics we’ve compiled from more than 300 technology assessments.

Results Delivered

Our work isn’t finished until we deliver results that satisfy our customers.

Vendor Independence

We are 100% independent and vendor-neutral, so you can trust the objectivity of our research and insights.

Focus on Value

We believe that every technology investment should add value to the business, so we specialize in measuring and communicating that value.

Meet Our Leaders

Mainstay is distinguished by a diverse team of leaders, consultants and researchers – all of us sharing a common purpose: delivering measurable business values for our clients.

Craig LeGrande

Craig LeGrande

CEO and Founder

Attie Vandermerwe

Attie Vandermerwe

EVP - Customer Success Consulting Services

L. Venkatraman

L. Venkatraman

VP - Value Engineering and CIO Services

Dan Corcoran

Dan Corcoran

Chief Technology Officer, VP Sales Enablement

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