Telecommunications and ICT

From smartphones and wearables to new generations of mobile networks and intelligent machines, the rapid spread of advanced communications technologies is transforming the modern economic and cultural landscape.

Not surprisingly, B2B competition in the telecommunications industry is uniquely dynamic, with providers of equipment and services racing to unleash innovations and capture markets that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Value Messaging for the Telecommunications Industry

With clients spanning the breadth of the telecom industry, Mainstay understands the concerns and motivations that B2B buyers bring to the table when they are weighing a significant investment in telecommunications products and services.

Increasingly executive buyers want to understand – in clear, concrete terms – the business value they’re likely to realize from their technology investment. And while the promises of new technologies like 5G, Internet of Things, and cloud computing seem impressive, the most successful B2B suppliers will need to translate the technical details of their solutions into business outcomes that make a difference to business buyers.

Strategy Research & Whitepapers

Mainstay specializes in market strategy and research that helps you find the best path to growth and profitability. From thought-leadership white papers to executive consulting engagements, Mainstay helps telecom and ICT companies lay the groundwork for everything from new-product introductions to global sales training programs.

Case Studies & Value Messaging

Buyers of telecom solutions gravitate to vendors that have successful track records serving companies and markets much like their own. Mainstay helps you create powerful stories – backed by hard numbers – that showcase the value you’ve provided to customers. Then we can magnify the impact of these stories by leveraging social media and other channels to reach customers and influencers far and wide.

TCO & Benefit Calculators

Mainstay can help you create simple-to-use calculators and other tools that prove the business value of your telecom solution in a way customers understand. These cloud-based tools are customized to your brand, accessible on any device, and specifically designed to spark conversations and jump start sales cycles.

Some of our Telecommunications Customers

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